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Gingivitis Vs. Periodontitis: What’s The Difference?

Healthy teeth and gums don’t just keep your smile looking its best; they have a positive effect on your whole body. Tooth decay and gum disease are linked to a variety of serious diseases, such as cardiovascular disease. The two dental diseases that most people have heard about are gingivitis and periodontitis, but people don’t […]

Facts About Teeth Whitening

As a cosmetic dentist in Jupiter, one procedure I am often asked about is teeth whitening. There are many products on the market today that claim that they can whiten teeth, but professional tooth bleaching is usually the easiest and best way to truly achieve the results that you want. It’s important to understand what […]

Dental X-Ray Facts From Your Endodontist In Jupiter

An endodontist in Jupiter is sure to look at hundreds of thousands of teeth during their years of practice. While the surface of the tooth can provide us with plenty of clues as to what problems may be brewing under the surface, dental x-rays give us a far better look inside your mouth. Typically if […]

Full-Service Dental Care: What It All Means

There are many different types of dentists. For instance, you might need a periodontist in Jupiter, Fl. Perhaps you might need an endodontist or an orthodontist or an oral surgeon. Some dentists provide all of these services as well as general dental care, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. At our Jupiter dental offices, we provide […]